To balloons and Ballooning

Ballooning is practiced all over the world. It is one of the safest ways of flying, and definitely the most scenic and the most romantic! Actually, the only reason for flying in a balloon is to enjoy the awesome ride.

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when balloons fly


Balloons only fly in near perfect weather, with no chances of rain or storm and low winds. They can only fly at sunrise or sunset, because the winds are lowest at these times. Aviation weather is checked just before the flight. The final decision is made on the field after releasing a small helium balloon to observe actual conditions.

Our Aircraft

The Sky Riders balloons

The Sky Riders balloon

Our original balloon is a 90,000 Cu. Ft. model manufactured by HEAD in the USA. It has been mostly dedicated to 2-passenger flights.

The Sky Riders balloon

Our newest balloon was custom- designed to our specifications (with all bells and whistles) by Kubicek. The result is just dazzling. The colorful envelope contains 105,000 cu. ft. of air and the basket can accommodate up to 4 passengers.

All aircraft are meticulously maintained and inspected every year by an FAA-certified repair station.

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